Alan Thicke makes totally gross comment about Robin Thicke’s music

OK, we know his reality show is called Unusually Thicke and all, but Alan Thicke just took it way too far.

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If he was trying to make headlines with some serious shock factor, mission accomplished.

The former Growing Pains actor and his wife, Tanya Callau, revealed they have no problem whatsoever doing the dirty while listening to his son’s music. In fact, they think Robin Thicke‘s tunes are totally mood-appropriate.

“When we do get freaky, we love [Robin’s song] ‘Sex Therapy,'” Callau revealed to Us Weekly. “You have to admit, it’s a great song to get in the mood.”

Yeah, but not if the singer is your son!

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Apparently, Robin Thicke is just as mortified by the revelation as we are. The singer quickly posted to Twitter calling out his pops.

Alan Thicke has already responded, and it’s just as cheeky. The man has no shame!

Of course, with his reality show, we all know just how open Alan Thicke is about his private life. Robin Thicke even touched on it during an interview with Elle back in 2013.

“My dad was single my whole pubescent period,” he explained. “He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic — every week. I was like, dang, Pops. He had an indoor Jacuzzi, and he frequented it.”


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Robin Thicke also added that his dad was more than happy to share some advice: “He didn’t really tell me what to do. He told me what not to do, which is actually more important.”

Apparently, Alan Thicke forgot one important lesson himself: Don’t talk about your son and sex in the same context. Ever.


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