Ian Somerhalder thinks The Vampire Diaries will be better without Elena

Ian Somerhalder is excited about what Nina Dobrev’s exit means for The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

Damon and Elena fans are still crying over The Vampire Diaries heartbreaking Season 6 finale that left Elena in an eternal limbo, but Ian Somerhalder is nothing but excited about the show moving forward. Does he really think TVD will be better without Nina Dobrev? Somerhalder told TV Guide, “With any change comes a bit of a limbo stage. I’m excited to tell these f***ed-up, dark, sexy, edgy, volatile stories. Now we get to go back to really great storytelling that was the Season 1 and 2 of the show that we all loved. I want that Damon back.”

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It definitely sounds like Somerhalder was done with the lovelorn Damon of recent seasons. Even hardcore TVD fans have to admit the series was stronger in its first two seasons than it ever has been since. While Elena is not all to blame (Dobrev did amazing work for the series), the tired love triangle between Damon/Elena/Stefan certainly did not help the series reach great new heights. With Dobrev out of the picture, Somerhalder can channel Damon’s dark side once more, and a sexy bad boy has to be infinitely more fun to play than a gentlehearted vampire in love.

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Do you agree with Somerhalder? Will TVD have a chance to relive its glory days now that Dobrev is gone, or do you think the show will suffer without Elena as an anchor?

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