Karynda recaps Party Down South premiere and how she really feels about Kelsie

We’re back!

I’m excited to be giving you all weekly recaps of all the episodes this season. If you thought Season 1 was cray-cray, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Season 2 is gonna be wild and I hope St. Petersburg is ready!

Seeing what everyone had been up to since our last vacation was great. I agree with Ashton that her boobs have definitely gotten bigger. I’m not a scientist, so I’m not sure if her reasoning for why is actually correct. Does anyone else think that Ashton and her boyfriend look a lot alike, or is that just me?

I don’t want you all to be fooled by Duke’s bachelor pad. It looked like it was clean, but I have been there and that place is far from clean. It looks like an indoor dumpster half the time.

Ahhh, Raven and Bradley. Now they live together. Raven’s dad, Ron, really is that way with Bradley when we’re not filming. He is definitely protective of his baby daughter and probably always will be.

This season, we’ll be partying in St. Petersburg, Florida. The weather in St. Pete had been pretty cold at first, but thankfully, it decided to warm up the day we arrived, which was great because we were all in shorts and tank tops. Thank ya, Jesus!

Fun fact about our house this season: it used to be a personal zoo. The previous residents had orangutans, lions and horses.

When Tommy arrived, we did not take the typical shots together. Instead, we filled regular glasses halfway up with Fireball. Yeah, you can call us ballers.

Ashton may have a new boyfriend, but on the first day of this vacation, she drank way more than she did during our entire vacation last summer, so I give her props.

Before Hunter showed up, we all were scared that he wasn’t going to make it out of Kentucky, where they had just had tons of snow and were in the middle of a blizzard. Knowing Hunter, though, he would crawl out of the snowstorm if he had to, just to get to the party.

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The new roommate

A big change this season is that we have a new roommate. I was hoping our new roommate would be a hot man, but sadly, I was not that lucky. When Kelsie (the new roommate) arrived, she ignored me when I wanted to motorboat her boobs. When I see boobs, I automatically have to motorboat them, so I wasn’t happy when she wouldn’t let me. I was drunk and got pissed and definitely let her know that I wasn’t thrilled with her. When Kelsie and Duke were going to check out the house, Ashton and I were sitting by the bar, and she was trying to make me feel better about Kelsie. It worked, for a few minutes at least, until I got pissed at her again. Like Tommy, Kelsie is from Arkansas, and they actually don’t live too far from each other. They used to hang out at the same parties and with the same people back in the day, but were really only acquaintances.

Kelsie is absolutely correct when she says it’s just the alcohol talking when I say I don’t like her. I’m liking her one minute and hating her the next. At that point, I didn’t even know what I was talking about. Looking back, I probably should’ve said no to all the alcohol I drank that day.

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About Hunter

There’s already an argument between Hunter and me as a result of the mustard fight, but since we’re more comfortable with each other this time around, we’re not afraid to yell at each other and tell it like it is. When Hunter is yelling at me I can just shrug it off and talk back to him because I know everything will be fine the next day. Since mustard is nice, bright and yellow like the sun, I thought that it would make his day. I was wrong.

Duke’s grandfather

When Duke received the phone call about his grandfather, he really did take the news pretty hard. Being Duke, though, he tried to be tough and not show any emotion. Any normal person has to let their emotions out when they lose someone so close to them. Duke did let it out, and we are glad he felt close enough to us to be able to do that. We were all glad that we were able to be there for him during that difficult time. Raven and Tommy were super-close to their grandmothers, so they know exactly how it feels to lose grandparents, and they were able to be there for him and let him know he’s not in this alone.

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What better way to get Duke’s mind off the sad stuff than to play a friendly, drunken game of Truth or Dare? You can tell when we play a game that we are in it to win it, because when we get dared, we go through with that dare, whether it’s making out with one of our roommates (who feel like family members) or getting butt-naked in front of everyone (me). At one point, someone told me to put a shirt on. I thought I was being called fat, so I went to bed and cried myself to sleep for a bit. Whoops!

This first episode really shows how much crazier this year is going to be than last year. I feel like we’re all in for an awesome vacation. While we all miss Magan, we can already tell that this new roommate can hang like a houseplant on the front porch (that means she can hang).

See y’all next week!


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