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Vampire Diaries: What I really thought of Nina Dobrev’s final goodbye

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 can best be described as “heartbreakingly beautiful” as Nina Dobrev said goodbye to the series.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know all the bloody and fantastic details of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale.

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Let me start by saying: The send-off was perfect. I absolutely loved the way they parted with her character.

When I interviewed Chris Wood, who plays Kai, last week, he warned me that her exit wouldn’t be what everyone expected. The popular theories were that they would either kill her or that the brothers would compel her to forget everything about being a vampire.

I was leaning toward the whole compulsion idea, but the show definitely threw a curveball tonight. Kudos to The CW for keeping that one so tightly under wraps.

And, boy, was Wood right.

The whole Sleeping Beauty story line came out of nowhere in the best of ways. It was creative without being cliché and unexpected without being forced.

But I think it is so fitting because it ties up her story line while still leaving viewers with those unanswered questions that will keep us guessing.

Plus, it felt like Elena was passing the torch on to Bonnie during that pillow fight vision when she told Bonnie something to the effect of, “You’ve spent so long sacrificing your life for mine, now it’s time for me to do the same for you.” It gives Bonnie the perfect segue to step into the spotlight in Season 7 with Caroline.

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And while they will be the leading ladies, we know Season 7 will focus on the story of the brothers, which is so exciting. Because getting down to the heart of their relationship turns the tide on the show and makes it still about love, but a different kind of love than the romance we’ve seen dominate all six seasons so far.

Trust me, I could gush about Elena’s send-off all night. But let’s instead move on to some of the other goodbyes. There was a serious body count on tonight’s episode: Jo, Kai, Liv (strange how they were almost all from the Gemini cover… I take it they’re wrapping up that story line) and, of course, Tyler.

Of course, my favorite newcomer to the show since probably Klaus was hands down Kai. While, on the one hand, I’m bummed his character won’t be returning for Season 7 of the show, his send-off was pretty epic tonight. No one saw that head chop coming. The Damon of old is back, people! If you have to die in a TV show about vampires, that’s the way to go. It was more like watching True Blood than Vampire Diaries for that scene, and it was awesome.

Then there’s Tyler, who has, honestly, been kinda “eh” to me this whole season. But he pulled it around tonight in his final moments on the show, let me tell you. That scene with Liv set the whole tone for the episode, and I was tearing up even though I thought I didn’t really care that much about their characters at this point. Thanks for proving me wrong, Vampire Diaries, and pulling at my heartstrings on that one.

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And while Elena’s goodbye was sad, if you want to talk heartbreaking, let’s talk Alaric (Matt Davis). Guys, he flat out tried to commit suicide tonight and failed. But can you blame the guy? He has loved a long list of women, deeply, and lost all of them. Don’t forget, he didn’t just lose Jo tonight, he also lost his babies.

Someone needs to slap Damon in the face, tell him to get over the mope-fest you know he’s going to have over Elena and step up to be there for his best friend. Because Alaric has some serious obstacles in Season 7. And when I say obstacles, I mean he might be mentally unstable, permanently, and for good reason. I really don’t know how much more that poor guy can take. And big props to some amazing acting from Davis.

There were definitely some cheesy moments in tonight’s finale. Like that choreographed final dance between Elena and Damon.

Still, it’s hard to fault this finale episode that so seamlessly wrapped up the show’s biggest character and segued us into a nice cliffhanger for Season 7. Never have I felt so content with a show in my life.

Were you as into The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale as I was?

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