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Scandal‘s finale threw me for a loop — and hinted to a brighter Season 5

Scandal dropped what has to be the biggest bomb ever with its Season 4 finale, and it’s one I never, ever saw coming.

I’m used to this show shocking the hell out of me. I mean, come on, it’s had moments like Huck (Guillermo Diaz) torturing Quinn (Katie Lowes) and pulling out her teeth, as well as the massive reveal that Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) election was rigged. Every time I think this show can’t surprise me more than it already has, it drops another bomb that has me either sobbing uncontrollably or screaming my head off.

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The Season 4 finale had moments that did all of the above and then some. The episode started with Rowan (Joe Morton) sitting in Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) office and calmly demanding a list of names from her. There was no way that wasn’t going to end badly and, sure enough, I saw I was right when we discovered just exactly who those people were. Rowan had everyone in the courtroom who heard Jake’s testimony about B613, down to the court reporter who made the ugly scarves, murdered.

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When you start an episode like that, where else can you go? Well, as it turned out, Scandal still had plenty up its sleeve. After that, the episode continued to build until the last 15 minutes practically crackled with intensity. First, it was revealed that Huck had been the one to kill all the jurors after Rowan threatened his family. Then, Fitz revealed that he knew what Mellie did and kicked her out of his house. Then, Fitz fired Cyrus (Jeff Perry) for his involvement in what Mellie did and for working with the man who killed his son. And finally, Jake (Scott Foley) told Olivia (Kerry Washington) that his job was done and he was leaving.

Up until that point, every emotion I felt I had expected. I may not have expected what was going to happen to make me feel all those emotions, but I damn sure wasn’t surprised by any of them. Then Scandal went and did something I never saw coming and proved why it’s still one of the hottest shows on TV. It gave us (gasp!) what I can only refer to as a happy ending.

Well, at least as happy an ending as Scandal probably ever will.

Sure, all that bad stuff had still happened, but when all was said and done, Fitz and Olivia were in each other’s arms — in the White House, no less! This is why I love this show. Was there any point this season where I said to myself, “Gee, I wonder if Scandal is going to end this season with an Olitz moment?” Not even close, people, not even close.

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This show’s bread and butter has always been the shocks, especially when it comes to its season finales. Murder and mayhem: That’s how a Scandal finale usually ends. But a peaceful, quiet ending with everyone’s favorite couple gently embracing to the tune of “Here Comes The Sun”? That wasn’t even on my radar and that’s why, despite the final scene’s lack of explosions and mega-drama, that ending is going down as one of my favorites.

What did you think of the surprising twist at the end of the Scandal Season 4 finale?

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