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Mariah Carey gets fired from her Vegas residency for an unbelievable reason

Mariah Carey said she canceled her Vegas shows because of bronchitis, but rumors are now cropping up that that wasn’t the case at all.

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According to sources who spoke with the New York Daily News, the real reason Carey canceled her show is because she didn’t practice enough and wasn’t prepared for the two-month Caesars Palace gig, called “Mariah #1 To Infinity.”

The concert series started on May 6, but reports say the first few performances were not to par.

“Mariah simply didn’t rehearse enough before starting this many concerts and now she’s feeling it,” the source revealed. “Leading up to the first show, everyone involved was wondering why this wasn’t rehearsed to death.”

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I recommend taking these rumors as just that: rumors. It’s hard to believe that Carey, with her decades of singing experience, wouldn’t take this opportunity first.

And the singer is sticking to her story about bronchitis. She took to Instagram to apologize to the fans.

So far, Carey has only canceled Wednesday night’s concert and she has a few days off until her next scheduled performance, but it’s unclear when she’ll get the OK to sing again.

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TMZ reports that the cancellation came so last-minute that people had already flown in for the show and arrived at the venue before they saw a sign reading, “Tonight’s performance has been canceled and will not be rescheduled.”

Hopefully they’re willing to at least reimburse plane tickets and hotel expenses, aside from the concert itself. Carey did, after all, say she would make it up to her fans.

Do you think Carey really has bronchitis or is her lack of preparation really to blame for the last-minute cancellation?

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