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True Detective Season 2 trailer shows a dark side of Rachel McAdams (VIDEO)

Rachel McAdams steals the True Detective Season 2 trailer right out from under Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell.

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Have you gotten used to seeing Rachel McAdams play the lead in cutesy romantic comedies? Then she is about to blow your mind in True Detective Season 2. In the new trailer, McAdams is driven, intense and dangerous. She is a cop on the edge who is completely fed up with the system. “This girl’s gone missing and nobody cares,” McAdams’ Detective Bezzerides says. “The interior is poisoned and suddenly worth billions. Nobody cares.”

The grit in McAdams’ voice is astonishing. This could be the role of a lifetime for the talented actress. The Academy should go ahead and get her Emmy ready now. Just look at the way she wields that knife and the way she moves throughout the trailer. She is completely embodying Detective Bezzerides with every step she takes and it is stunning.

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Her costars are not too shabby themselves. In addition to Detective Bezzerides, True Detective Season 2 will also feature Vince Vaughn as career criminal Frank, a man on the verge of losing everything, and Colin Farrell as a corrupt cop. An unusual crime scene will lead these three disparate characters’ lives to intersect in surprising and dangerous ways. The central philosophical theme of this season is summed up by Frank— “Sometimes your worst self is your best self.” In other words, just like in the first season, expect everyone to have a dark side.

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What do you think of McAdams’ hardcore detective?

True Detective Season 2 premieres Sunday, June 21 on HBO.

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