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Miley Cyrus’ new video is the most confusing thing we’ve seen all day (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus fans are super stoked today after the pop star shared a tiny snippet of her performing a brand new song. While we’re all for new music from Cyrus, we’d be happier if we knew what she was saying.

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Cyrus isn’t exactly known for her articulation while she sings, but this clip of her singing live might be the worst vocals we’ve heard. The audio is clear enough that if anyone else were singing, we’d certainly be able to understand. Unfortunately, it’s entirely unclear. Admittedly, the sound is not bad. Her voice has that typical Miley-esque rasp about it that so many people love… it’s just that her words are too garbled and slurred. Check it out.
The singer is clearly proud of her art, though. She posted the clip to her personal Instagram account, naming it a “New jam.” Recently, she’s been working with Wayne Coyne and the rest of the Flaming Lips, so we have hope the band will help her refine her shock-pop act. But at this point, all we can really do is question her sobriety during the performance.

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It seems as though Cyrus is trying hard to clean up her act. In recent weeks, she even started a new charity. The Happy Hippie Foundation fights youth homelessness, as well as helps to support LGBT organizations. And while we can’t tell exactly what she wrote on the white unitard she wears in the video, we can see a heart, a peace sign and a rainbow.

We hope stability and good music is in Cyrus’ future, but this clip isn’t making us hopeful. As everyone has already pointed out, she’s definitely channeling Lana Del Rey with her new sound. However. we liked her better when she was striving to be original.

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What do you think? Are we being hard on the former Disney sensation or should she go back to the drawing board with this jam? Tell us below!

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