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What CBS’ new show Supergirl means for women (VIDEO)

Supergirl is coming in hot with so much more than her ability to fly and pick up a bus. The new CBS show is proving that women aren’t just marketable, they’re in high demand.

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The age of television we’re entering right now has been described as an entertainment renaissance because it’s putting aside gender, race, age and all those discriminatory factors that used to exclude certain types of characters from being showcased on television. We’re starting to see diversity like never before and story lines and characters that are deep and meaningful.

In fact, a 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report from the Bunche Center at UCLA found that women are proportionately represented in broadcast dramas and comedies, taking the lead 51.5 percent of the time.

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Supergirl fits this new-age model to a T with a female superhero as the star. But more than just a woman in the lead, the six-minute trailer shows a quirky, likable and confident lady stepping into the front seat. This will, hopefully, be a show that brings some real issues that women face to the forefront. Just because Kara Zor-El is from another planet, doesn’t mean she isn’t dealing with some very human things.

Of course, the trailer definitely shows a fun and exciting show full of action. And what is television if it’s not entertaining? The feel seems to be less like fellow comic book shows Arrow and Daredevil (which are much darker in their delivery) and more like The CW’s The Flash, which has done exceedingly well for the network in its first season.

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As someone who used to watch Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with Dean Cain back in the day with my dad, Supergirl easily has that feel of a family-friendly show that deserves a big bowl of popcorn.

It just looks good, hands down.

And men and women alike are looking forward to the new show.

Check out the six-and-a-half-minute trailer below and prepare to feel empowered.

Supergirl is coming to CBS this fall. Will you be watching?

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