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This creepy advert kind of made us wish we had a robotic housekeeper

If you watched an advert apparently offering the services of a cyborg housekeeper last weekend and thought, “I could do with one of those,” you’re not the only one. Or maybe you were totally freaked out by it — again, you’re not the only one.

The advert, which first aired during the Prometheus commercial break, shows a “synth” (a female cyborg) helping a family with household chores, which customers could buy from a company called Persona Synthetics.

Video credit: Persona Synthetics/YouTube

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The robotic housekeeper in the ad doesn’t do anything suspicious but it seems the mere sight of her moving around the house in silence was enough to send chills down the spines of those who saw it. Television viewers turned to Twitter to try to work out what the ad was all about before it became clear the commercial was part of a very clever marketing campaign to promote a new Channel 4 drama series.

Humans stars William Hurt and Katherine Parkinson and is set in a parallel universe where a synth is an essential asset for every busy modern family. To keep up the pretence, Channel 4 even put up billboards for the first Persona Synthetics “store” on London’s Regent’s Street and set up a fake website for the company.

Video credit: Channel 4/YouTube

Humans starts on Channel 4 in June.

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