Pitch Perfect fans: You need to jump on the #Bella4Life bandwagon (VIDEO)

May 13, 2015 at 6:36 p.m. ET

Want to be a #Bella4Life? Chances are pretty darn good that you already are.

We caught up with the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 and they say you might know more about being a Barden Bella than you think. You don't even have to enroll at Barden University or hurtle yourself down a flight of stairs to be one.

Turns out, being a #Bella4Life is really just all about celebrating those close to you and never letting them go.

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"I think to be a Bella for life, you have to have a strong core group of women that you get along with and you keep in contact with them forever," said Anna Camp, who also added that teamwork and communication are key in maintaining the #Bella4Life status.

Anna Camp Brittany Snow

Hailee Steinfeld shared that being a Bella is as easy as purchasing your movie ticket. "Walking into the theater, they're already a Bella. They're already part of it," Steinfeld said.

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And for being a Treblemaker, Ben Platt sure has a pretty profound understanding of what it means to be a #Bella4Life. "I think it's just about remember your roots," Platt said about the Bellas. "And remembering the people who made you who you are and supported you, and even if you become successful beyond that, that's why you are where you are."

Anna Camp

So celebrate girl power and be a #Bella4Life!

"The best thing about being a Bella is always having a group of girls that you can have fun with," Camp reinforced. "When you're part of a team — whether it's a sports team or a family — it's what family means to you, is what I think being a Bella for life is, and the girls, we're such a family. That's what it means in the movie. It's a very girl power movie and a very girl power thing."