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The Good Wife fans calling out show for doctoring scenes

What may have been a doctored final scene between Alicia and Kalinda angers The Good Wife fans.

After spending more than 30 episodes apart, The Good Wife best friends Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) shared one last scene together in the Season 6 finale before Panjabi exited the series. In a TV Line interview prior to the episode, series cocreator Robert King said the decision to keep the two characters apart was “very much intentional to raise expectations.” So what happened when Alicia and Kalinda finally reunited? The fans are pretty sure actresses Panjabi and Kalinda were not even in the same room together.

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Set in a bar, the scene avoided doing takes of both women at once for as long as possible, giving the appearance stand-ins were used every time the camera switched from Alicia’s face to Kalinda’s. Given the extended absence of shared screen time since the early seasons, it has been speculated Margulies and Panjabi are not as big fans of each other as the fans are of their characters’ friendship. Would these two Emmy-winning actresses really refuse to be in the same room with each other long enough to film a simple bar scene? The world may never know until someone writes a tell-all.

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There are other possibilities, of course. A scheduling conflict could have led to the actresses filming their parts of the scene separately, but neither The Good Wife execs nor CBS has released a statement. The most glaring evidence that the scene was doctored is the scene itself. In the two long shots where Kalinda and Alicia are both in the frame at once, they never touch or even appear to occupy the same space. Split screen, anyone? Whether the actresses are feuding or not, the fans have every right to be disappointed. If the goal of keeping these two powerhouse actresses apart was to raise expectations, the series failed miserably and neither the fans nor Kalinda and Alicia got the goodbye they deserved.

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Check out the scene for yourself. Do you think the show used stand-ins and a split screen? Were you disappointed Kalinda and Alicia’s once central friendship ended on such an anticlimactic note?

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