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Sandra Lee reveals her greatest fear in her breast cancer battle (VIDEO)

Celebrity chef Sandra Lee was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is sharing her battle, including her biggest fears, in a video diary.

Lee, whose cancer was just diagnosed on March 27, is recording her journey for People. In her first video, she reveals what her greatest fear is, and surprisingly, it isn’t dying.

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“What worries me about this is not what I’m going to go through — I’m going to be fine,” she said. “We caught it early enough. What worries me is my sisters and my brothers — that they could get it and we don’t catch it in time. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to get your mammograms.”

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Lee’s specific type of cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, is a noninvasive cancer in the milk ducts that can become invasive if left untreated. Patients are usually offered either a lumpectomy followed by radiation or a mastectomy, and Lee is opting for a double mastectomy.

“I never want to go through this again,” she said.

Her surgery is this week.

UPDATE May 13: Lee has decided to postpone her double mastectomy due to an illness, as she explained on Facebook earlier today.

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