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Adam Sandler says goodbye to David Letterman in song (WATCH)

David Letterman got a touching and actually funny tribute from Adam Sandler.

You might not be as enchanted by Sandler now as your teenage self was, but his tribute to David Letterman on The Late Show is not only pretty funny, but pretty emotional, too.

As expended, it is full of one-liners and quips that we honestly weren’t expecting much from. But it contains some very serious truths about the man who has graced the late-night scene for 30 years.

Sandler sings about how Letterman helped paved the way for the other funny men sitting behind desks today, like the Jimmys, and we are all going to be very sad to see him go.

Sandler speaks to all our hearts when he says, “There simply is no better man than good ole David Letterman.”

If you haven’t been paying attention to Letterman’s long series of goodbyes before he signs off, you really should catch up and keep up. It really has been great.

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