Meghan Trainor shockingly edited to look thinner on the red carpet (PHOTOS)

May 12, 2015 at 9:39 p.m. ET
Image: Wenn

Ugh! Is it just us or does it seem like every three steps forward in the march against body-shaming results in five steps back. Today's latest possible body-shaming scandal comes in part from the clothing line Ted Baker. Their victim? Meghan Trainor.

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Trainor recently walked a red carpet in a gorgeous Ted Baker pencil skirt and, as per usual industry standards, the clothing line was quick to shoot out an email of Trainor rocking their designs. Makes sense. Who wouldn't want to boast about the oh-so-sexy "All About That Bass" singer repping stuff from their line? There was just one problem: The photos appeared to be Photoshopped.


Let's face it: All of us have looked at nearly-cute pictures of ourselves and wished we knew a Photoshop master. But just like all the other women on the planet, we're actively working to embrace our perceived flaws. Trainor's hit single was about that very thing. She looked killer, but it seemed Ted Baker's PR people may not have agreed. The photos of her appeared to be stretched or narrowed to make her seem thinner. So much for being body positive.

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In Ted Baker's defense, they're saying the narrowed pics were an embarrassing mistake. In an email from PR addressing the accusations, a spokesperson said they were "absolutely mortified" by the mistake. Explaining, "... multiple low resolution images of the singer in a Ted Baker pencil skirt were imbedded [sic] in an email pitch. The photos were cropped and reduced in size in order to fit into the email and were not intended to be published in this watermarked format."

Let's be real: We know exactly what they mean. We've all seen Craigslist postings or real estate flyers where someone tried to get fancy with PowerPoint and totally flubbed the perceived dimensions of what may or may not be a massive closet... or a sincerely tiny bedroom.

We're not ready to pass final judgment yet. All we'll say for certain is that Trainor looked fabulous in both versions of the pics.

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What do you think: Was Ted Baker caught body-shaming... or do they just need to give their PR people some photo-cropping lessons?