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Jill Duggar’s Facebook hacked and spammed with dirty posts

This is so not 19 Kids and Counting approved.

Reality TV star Jill Duggar’s Facebook has been hacked and the posts definitely aren’t things the Duggar family would ever share.

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Let’s just say they’re so dirty we can’t even share them on this page. Plus, we didn’t want to further encourage the hacker and make a bad situation worse if someone accidentally clicked on one of the links.

Suffice it to say, this hacker has a super-dirty mind and has an affinity for sharing articles and photos that are all about lady bits, including posts about see-through yoga pants, hot shorts and 50 Shades of Disney princesses.

“OMG EVIL hacker!” one commenter wrote. “God will make sure justice is met, in one way or another.”

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Another said, “Praying these hackers change their ways.”

Still more have tried to alert Duggar to the hack, but it seems she hasn’t caught on just yet.

The Duggar family is notoriously conservative, following courtship traditions in which they don’t even kiss prior to their wedding and chaperoned dates are the norm. Knees are even considered private areas and anything that could stir up desires prior to marriage is discouraged.

Poor Duggar must be busy with her new son, Israel, and not checking her Facebook because, as of Tuesday afternoon, the hacker had managed to share about 16 inappropriate posts, covering the span of nearly a day.

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The last time the new mama posted was, fittingly, on Mother’s Day this past Sunday when she shared a sweet photo of her mother, Michelle, holding Jill’s baby boy.

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