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Cate Blanchett reveals big secret about her sexuality — and we applaud her

Cate Blanchett shared a very personal tidbit of info about her sexuality during a recent interview, and while the star values her privacy, we are so glad she opened up.

The fascinating little nugget is hidden deep within an interview Blanchett gave to Variety about her new movie, Carol, about two women in the ’50s who fall in love with each other. The actress is asked if this is her first time as a lesbian, Blanchett coyly responded, “On film — or in real life?”

When pressed further, she admitted to having had sexual and romantic relationships with women — “Yes. Many times,” she said — but refused to elaborate further.

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As far as labeling her own orientation, the actress, who has been married to Andrew Upton for 18 years, said, “I never thought about it. I don’t think Carol thought about it.”

Don’t expect Blanchett to ever mention this again. She fiercely guards her privacy, never googles herself and is appalled at how the public eats celebrities alive.

“We need to get into people’s private lives now,” she said. “If they are hiding something, they are dishonest.” As opposed to simply being private, which is what she prefers to be.

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Blanchett and Upton have four children together, including three sons and a daughter.

While the star didn’t care to elaborate on her relationships with women, the mere fact that she said in such a public forum that she has had them could prove to be a real inspiration to fans struggling to live their own lives authentically, and that is no small thing.

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