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MTV killed off their biggest stars for gruesome Scream trailer (VIDEO)

MTV kills off fan favorites from Teen Wolf, Faking It and more in a bloody awesome Scream trailer.

Nobody throws a welcome party quite like MTV. The cast of MTV’s newest show Scream shows up late to their own big night in a new promo, and finds the place a little too quiet. The network plays host to a creepy soiree bringing together the stars of big hits like Teen Wolf, Awkward, Faking It and Finding Carter. Sadly, by the time the Scream kids arrive, the party is beyond dead. Teen Wolf‘s heroic Scott takes a knife to the head, Awkward‘s Jenna ends up with a slit throat — and that is just the beginning of the carnage.

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The ultra-gory trailer celebrates the spirit of the classic Scream film franchise on which the new series is based by offering up blood, guts and a healthy dose of comedy in the end. MTV pulled off a real coup by gathering so many of their stars in one place to play dead, and the effects are as haunting as the trailer’s Rilo Kiley-fueled score “It Just Is.” With its blood drip-dripping all over the cast members of your favorite MTV shows, the trailer is NSFW, but it is a gruesome treat for fans of synergy and Scream.

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Now, the real question is, which MTV star is the most likely Ghostface?
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Scream premieres June 30 on MTV.

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