Offensive clothing line tries to make a buck off Bruce Jenner’s transition

On the whole, people have responded pretty positively and been supportive of Bruce Jenner in the wake of his interview with Diane Sawyer.

With the exception of a few ill-thought-out tweets from former husbands of the clan, we haven’t seen that much negativity.

But we knew this day would come. When we started to hear about people trying to cash in on the publicity train and make a buck on the back on Bruce Jenner and his transition (besides himself after all, but it is his story, so….)

Well, here is one of the first egregious examples of people just being terribly thoughtless.

TMZ is reporting that a man named Phillip Maltin tried to trademark the word “Transjenner” so he could start a business. The name is obviously a mash-up of the word “transgender” and Bruce Jenner’s name.

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As if the name wasn’t bad enough, the business Maltin wants to begin with this moniker is just plain disgusting.

He wants to begin a “novelty clothing line.” The line would produce men’s and women’s athletic gear, socks, headbands, jerseys, ties, dresses and blouses. This (terrible-sounding) line would apparently be marketed toward transgender people.

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TMZ reports that Maltin claims his intentions “were not to be salacious, but he couldn’t explain why it isn’t.”

I’ve got a reason for you: Because it is.

The man even mentions he wouldn’t be opposed to partnering with Jenner. Well, isn’t that special? Let’s hope Jenner doesn’t take that bait because this is offensive on so many levels.

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