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DWTS: This dance was so emotional, it trumped a proposal

We can’t help it if we feel that Len Goodman’s emotional turn shocked us a little more than that super-sweet proposal.

That’s not to say the proposal wasn’t a shock, or a welcome one. Noah Galloway getting down on his knee and asking his longtime girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, to marry him was a beautiful and touching moment. It even had Demi Moore in tears!

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But when it comes to Noah, we’re used to beautiful and touching moments, particularly where his lady love is concerned. Remember when Boyd surprised him on a March episode of the show after she had been away for six months serving with the military? Our tear ducts sure got a workout that night.

What we’re not so used to is our tear ducts working overtime because DWTS‘ resident Oscar the Grouch serves up a moment as touching as a heartfelt proposal. Len Goodman, of all people, had us all emotional, and we never thought we’d see the day where Len made us feel something other than frustrated or annoyed at his often sour demeanor. Heck, the guy is so secure in his grumpiness that it even forms part of his Twitter handle, @GrumpyLGoodman.

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But tonight, we saw Len in a whole new, even affectionate, light. The source of our new feelings for Len was his participation in the Viennese Waltz with Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough. Derek and Nastia got things started, and close to the end of the performance, Len stepped in and took over from Derek. And it was so freaking beautiful, you guys!

Beyond the fact that Len really is such a talented, elegant and gentlemanly dancer, we were overcome with the feels because, in the package before the dance, Len revealed that, due to arthritis, dancing — his life’s passion — is something he can’t really do much of anymore. We learned that it had been years since Len had been on the dance floor.

So when Len came in at the end of the already emotional dance and dipped Nastia, he basically dipped our hearts into a blender — that’s the most accurate way to describe all the emotions we had. Not only did the audience stand and applaud him, we also felt the need to get up off the couch and give praise. And we don’t typically move off the couch for anything other than food, so you know we’re serious about how much this routine touched us.

It also touched the judges, who were all in tears and clearly moved by the performance, for which they awarded a perfect score. It was pretty obvious how much they love and respect Len, which tipped us over the edge on the emotional scale.

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We loved seeing this new vulnerable side to Len, and we hope he lets us see that a little more often — but not too often because our hearts couldn’t handle it.

Watch the touching video below and then let us know down in the comments if you were as taken with Len as we were.

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