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Tiger Woods pens meaningful letter for a fan in need

If you’re still holding onto doubts about Tiger Woods after all the scandal in his personal life, get ready to change your mind.

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The golf pro, who fell from grace in 2009 after it was revealed that he was cheating on his then-wife with an elaborate web of mistresses, has since taken a long break from the spotlight and has slowly begun his climb back into PGA fame. And even though he just broke up with longtime girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, amid more cheating rumors, he’s showing he’s gaining points again by standing up for a young fan who was bullied to the point of attempting suicide.

According to E! News, Woods wrote a letter to the high school student named Dillon, who struggles with a stutter. Dillon is a golf lover who has been mentored by LPGA player, Sophie Gustafson, according to Golf Digest. Gustafson helped make Dillon’s story public when she learned of his suicide attempt from his mother.

“On the week of April 16th, he had a bad week, he had been teased about his stuttering,” Dillon’s mom wrote to Gustafson in an e-mail. “That evening, he attempted suicide. He yelled downstairs ‘Good bye, I love you.’ Me and my husband immediately ran upstairs, his bedroom door was locked, we busted down the door and he was sitting on the window and was getting ready to jump. We were able to grab him and keep him from going head first onto the concrete below.”

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Dillon’s mother also asked if Gustafson could get Woods’ attention.

“He continues to love to watch golf and is still a fan of Tiger,” the mom wrote. “Is there any way we could get his story to Tiger and see if he could help find something encouraging for [him] to look forward to?”

And, according to Gustafson’s Twitter account, Woods came through with the letter.

Gustafson also tweeted that Dillon is improving and appreciates the support that fans have shown him on social media.

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What do you think of Tiger Woods’ sweet gesture? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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