Fans accuse the NFL of prioritizing Deflategate over domestic violence

May 11, 2015 at 8:14 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Tom Brady's Deflategate punishment has my blood boiling. And not because I'm some huge Patriots fan. But because it is a huge step backwards for the fight against domestic violence.

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Brady was suspended for four games after an investigation discovered that he "was at least generally aware" (whatever that means) about the Deflategate conspiracy, which theorized that the Patriots intentionally deflated the footballs used in the AFC title game.

Now, whether Brady actually participated in the Deflategate crime or not is kind of beside the point, though the seemingly thin investigation does bring a lot of other questions to mind. But, for the purpose of this article, it doesn't really matter. Either way, the NFL's punishment is flawed.

I ask you to remember back to the Ray Rice case. Rice was caught, on video, punching his then-fiancée, who is now his wife, and dragging her limp body out of an elevator.

Rice was originally suspended for just two games. Two games, people!

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It wasn't until another video of him hurting his wife appeared that he was fired from the Ravens and suspended from the league.

So domestic violence is worth two games and deflating balls a PSI or two is worth four? Plus a $1 million fine for the Patriots? According to the NFL, yes.

After the Brady news surfaced, many people didn't think the crime fit the punishment and called foul on the NFL's corrupt judgment.


The NFL's job is to ensure the integrity of the game. And yes, if Brady did in fact play a part in Deflategate, he should be punished.

But so should men who don't respect women. And men who commit crimes that tarnish their ability to be seen as role models.

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And I don't think any rational human being will disagree that hurting a woman is a way more serious offense than letting out a PSI or two of air from a football.

The NFL should be embarrassed and ashamed.

According to ESPN, Brady's representative said he was planning on appealing the decision, but more importantly, I think society also needs to appeal to the NFL to keep the game fair and honorable.

This decision brings up a lot of tension that has been lying under the surface for years now, and it's time the NFL cleared the corruption and remembered that the name of the game isn't to make money. The game of football is about teamwork, having fun, healthy competition and striving for something bigger than yourself. Any player who doesn't fit the standard of a role model should be removed from the system.

Do you think the Deflategate decision is justifiable, or does it prove the NFL's corruption?