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Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian a huge surprise for Mother’s Day

We know Kanye West likes to live large, and I don’t think the word “subtle” has ever been used to describe him.

And when it comes to wife Kim Kardashian, we know he likes to go a little overboard.

So on a holiday when you are supposed to treat the mother of your child(ren) like a queen, West would likely say, “I already do that every day… let’s take this up a notch.”

And up he took it. Kardashian had to be away from her family for business on Sunday, so the couple celebrated as a family the day before. Kim might have been away from her little daughter in São Paulo, Brazil, but that didn’t mean Kanye didn’t have big plans for her. After all, had to outshine his wall of flowers from last year. This year he, literally, filled her Brazilian hotel room with flowers.

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She snapped this pic and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “I got to my room in Brazil and my amazing thoughtful husband had the sweetest note with a couple thousand roses covering my entire suite for Mothers [sic] Day!”

Then she hit us in the feels, saying, “I’m so sad I’m so far away on this day but happy we celebrated yesterday! I love you baby and North soooo much!!!”

But it doesn’t end there. Flowers weren’t the only sweet thing West had in store for the mother of his child. He planned to have her serenaded later that evening.

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She posted this pic just two hours later with the caption, “So I get to a restaurant in São Paulo & my husband had a string quartet waiting playing Sam Smith!!!!! Every single waiter who brought food said, ‘This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world’! Seriously I have the best husband ever!!!”

Even if you don’t like Kim or Kanye, you can’t deny this is not only sweet but shows just how much they really love each other. We will have to wait and see how West one-ups himself next year.

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