The Originals cast spills on the finale's huge cliffhanger? (EXCLUSIVE)

May 11, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: The CW

The Originals finale airs tonight, but we got the scoop from stars Danielle Campbell and Charles Michael Davis before the craziness begins.

"The finale, I think you really see the beginning to a whole new show," Campbell, who plays the young witch Davina, shared.

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Davis, aka Marcel, echoed Campbell's statements, "We get to see the true alliances and then there's the wild card with Freya and indecision about how to go about handling Dahlia."

As for whether you can expect the finale to be as much of a sob-fest as last year's ending (remember, Klaus passed off infant Hope to Rebekah to keep her safe), Davis said, "I think emotionally it will be as raw. Will it touch on the same emotions as last year? No, no it's a different...."

"It's a different take on it," Campbell filled in for her costar. "I think the cool thing about a Season 2 is now you've seen the characters and you know their story and why they are where they are today. So I think the finale is really great because now you're even more attached to those characters. Everything that happens to these characters is even more explosive, and just everything comes crashing down on them, and it makes for a very exciting episode."

The big focus will be taking care of Dahlia, of course, but Davina and Marcel both have personal agendas going into the finale as well.

Davis said he thinks Klaus and Marcel finally reconciling and coming together as a family is "one of the top priorities." The first, of course, is getting rid of Dahlia. "That's always been the thing between them ever since Klaus arrived and then took over the city. They have to handle this beef between them."

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"That's something that's going to be squared away," Davis promised. And we can definitely see it, especially after Klaus drained Marcel's blood of vervain as a means to, ultimately, save his daughter's life from Dahlia.

Davina, on the other hand, is still stuck on love.

"Davina has been trying to bring back Kol for a long time," Campbell explained. "He's the first guy that she's really cared about and that's kind of made her feel like she's got a purpose and a reason for practicing magic. And she left her coven, and she was alone so I think she's ready to bring him back, and she's ready for him to be with her again. She will do everything and anything to do that."

Campbell added, "The best option she has to bring him back is to become regent."

And now that Campbell is regent of the New Orleans witches, she just might have enough power to stand as some serious opposition to Dahlia.

"Dahlia has a lot of old magic. She's been around for so long," Campbell explained of the differences between Dahlia and Davina's powers. "Davina is powerful because she has the harvest girl in her but now, because of Kol, she's experimenting with dark magic and she now has a lot of control over that. But I think Dahlia's magic is so old, and she's been around for centuries and knows a lot more. So I think it's different types of magic, but they're both very, very powerful."

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Of course, Davina as regent is something entirely different. "Her coven practices ancestral magic, which is why her coven can't leave New Orleans. They have all the magic from all their ancestors buried. [With] becoming regent, I think she helps inherit that magic and with the other nine covens surrounding [the city]."

But, to agree to help save Hope, Davina might need a lot of persuading given her bad blood with Klaus. "I think it's more the fact that he doesn't care, and he doesn't feel like it matters that affects Davina the most," Campbell said.

"[The loose ends] get tied up, so that's why I'm excited," the actress explained. "And then it sets it up for Season 3 being a whole new show."

"They're going to do a great job, too, of pushing us into the third season."

Davis added, "Huge cliffhanger. Huge."

The Originals finale airs on Monday, May 11, on The CW.