John Stewart rips apart Tom Brady for Deflategate (VIDEO)

John Stewart got a little off his usual topic of politics and current events last night on The Daily Show.

Stepping into the world of sports in a segment aptly named “The Fresh Prince of Ball Air,” Stewart took aim at Tom Brady and the whole deflated ball scandal from last football season in the wake of a report that basically says Brady lied to everyone and knew what was going on the whole time.

As is his manner, Stewart spoke the biting truth and perfectly summed up the way everyone actually feels about Tom Brady cheating — and then lying about cheating — in this perfect eight-minute rant, which includes hilarious and gratuitously placed quips about balls and all manner of ball innuendos. We even get a shout-out from the resident NFL jackass/funnyman Rob Gronkowski for his “deez nuts” video (which, after showing, Stewart can barely hold back his laughter).

Stewart lambasted Brady, saying, “You’re a Patriot, Tom Brady — a team named after this country’s most cherished post-9/11 surveillance act. And lemme just say this: We as a country are now gonna be watching your balls like a hawk. And not just those balls; those nuts as well.”

Take eight minutes out of your Friday to watch this hilarious video.

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