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Fuller House: 12 Juicy details we know about the new series

Candace Cameron Bure reveals new information about Fuller House, including who was D.J.’s maid of honor and much more.

The hit ’90s series is being revived with some of its original cast and a whole new story line, but other than that, there haven’t been a lot of details released.

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If you’re dying to know what’s going to happen when the cast returns in the new Netflix series, you’re in luck. Candace Cameron Bure, who played D.J. on the series back in the day, went on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and dropped some bits of information.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. The revival idea isn’t a new one

In the interview, Bure said that that there’s been a lot of chatting going on behind the scenes about a revival of the show. “We talked about this for quite a long time,” she revealed.

2. But it did take a while to put together

Cameron Bure said that everyone who wanted to bring the show back knew how the series had gotten into the hearts of the fans and they didn’t want to do anything to ruin it. So they took their time when discussing a new series. “We wanted to do it very well,” she said.

3. Steve might be coming back

In the Full House finale, D.J. and her high school boyfriend, Steve, were on their way to prom. When asked if Steve will be back on the new show, Cameron Bure shrugged and said, “Maybe she rekindles her love with Steve.” How awesome would that be?

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4. They might live in the same house

When she was asked if the new series would be taking place in the iconic house that was seen in the opening credits of Full House, Cameron Bure was elusive in her reply. “I don’t know, you might have to wait to find out,” she said. Who else thinks that means it’s a definite possibility?

5. Uncle Joey isn’t who you think he is

As soon as a question came up about Uncle Joey, Cameron Bure was quick to set the record straight. “It’s not Uncle Joey, it’s just Joey. He’s not an uncle,” she clarified. Millions of people’s heads just exploded. If Uncle Joey isn’t Uncle Joey, who is he? Sure, we all knew he technically wasn’t an uncle, but how can we live our lives without calling him Uncle Joey?

6. But he will be back on the show!

This information is hot off the presses. Dave Coulier (who played Joey or Uncle Joey or whatever you’d like to call him) will be in Fuller House! Coulier made the announcement himself, via Instagram. Somewhere, Mr. Woodchuck is doing a dance of joy, we just know it.

7. Say goodbye to Ranger Joe

Some fans were hopeful that maybe Uncle… um, Joey would still have his Ranger Joe TV show, but Cameron Bure said that’s probably not the case. “I don’t think he has the Ranger Joe show anymore,” she said, quickly adding that all of our childhood memories weren’t lost. “He probably has Mr. Woodchuck, though,” she reassured.

8. Details on D.J.’s wedding party

As for who was her maid of honor when she got married, Cameron Bure confirmed what all fans knew in their hearts. “I think it was Kimmy Gibbler and her two sisters were her bridesmaids.”

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9. There might be a new romance in the next generation

In the new show, Kimmy will have a teenage daughter and D.J. a teenage son, prompting some fans to ask if a romance between the two kids is a possibility. When asked, Cameron Bure looked almost a little too shocked, putting her hand to her mouth in a gasp and giving a huge shrug. “You’ll have to watch the show to find out.”

Check out the interview below.

10. Jodie Sweetin will return as Stephanie

In a recent interview, Sweetin said she’ll be on tap to reprise her role as D.J.’s little sister, Stephanie. She even gave a little update about what Steph is like as an adult. “Steph has been a world traveler. She is a little bit of a free spirit,” Sweetin shared with Us Weekly. “She’s kind of an aspiring musician, she’s been traveling all over. I think she’s gonna be really fun to play.”

11. The Olsen twins may still appear

When news of the revival broke, Mary-Kate and Ashley were quick to say they didn’t know anything about it and would have no part. The news left many fans unwilling to accept the revival. Now, though, we’re hearing a different story. A Netflix CCO told reporters at the TCAs that the twins were “teetering” on the decision and may, in fact, appear in later episodes.

12. No, D.J. won’t play an expectant widow

Original reports of Fuller House claimed we’d start the series with D.J. as a new widow with two kids and one on the way. The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with Cameron Bure, who shared that would no longer be the case. She’ll still be a widow, but Netflix decided to pick up the story a little further down the road so as not to start off so heavy. Just like Full House, the show will start off with three kids and only one parent.

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