19 Celebrities share their favorite memories with their moms (VIDEO)

May 8, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Mother's Day is a super-special day for most people, celebrities included.

SheKnows chatted with some of our favorite celebs and asked them to share with us their favorite memories and traditions with their mamas in honor of the special holiday. Their answers ran the gamut from quirky to hilarious, but they are all pretty heartwarming.

Throwin' it way back

For these celebs, the favorite memories are the ones that remind them of when they were little.

1. Arden Cho (Teen Wolf)

Image: Arden Cho/Instagram

"A favorite memory I have with my mom... it's actually kind of silly," said Cho. "When I was little — and even today — I love fast food. My parents are really healthy and they always said, 'No fast food! Fast food is bad for you.' But every once in a while, especially if I was having a tough day or feeling sad, she'd say, 'Should we go to McDonald's and get a cheeseburger and fries and a Coke?' Ever since then it's sort of been my go-to thing when I'm having a rough day and it always makes me think about my mom. It's so nostalgic, I love it."

2. Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect 2, Ground Floor)

Skylar Astin

Image: Skylar Astin/Instagram

"When I was 2 I was always frowning, just always scowling," Astin said. "I wouldn't smile for pictures and in a Jewish family there is a lot of big family pictures. One time, my mom told me this story about this guy named John, and John would never smile. John would walk around all day and people would try to tell him a joke and say, 'Hey, John! How are you doing?' and he would just scowl back at them. One day he was watching his favorite cartoon and there was a funny joke and he went to laugh and his face was stuck and he couldn't move it. He could never smile again." Astin further explained the important lesson his mom taught him that day. "Every time I was, for no good reason, being unhappy, she would just say 'John' and I would light up like a Christmas tree. Now I smile all the time, because I'm terrified."

3. Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect 2)

"I hated brushing my teeth. I really did. Something about doing it really pissed me off," the Pitch Perfect actor said. "My mom was trying to figure out ways to make it fun for me and she brought me, this one night, this Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush that had a face that said stuff if you pressed it. After that I looked forward to brushing my teeth. I still have it!"

4. Laura Marano (Austin & Ally)

Image: Laura Marano/Instagram

"I must have been about 6 or 7 and I had, like, four auditions that day and so it was kind of pointless to go to school that day," she said. "Don't get me wrong. I love school, so I was a little heartbroken about it. So my mom was like, 'You know what? Let's just have a really fun day.' So we just went to the pier, the Santa Monica pier, and had the best day. We just had such an amazing day and I was just so happy. I was like, 'Aw, I want more of these days.'"

5. Jacquie Lee (The Voice finalist)

"Favorite memory: Me and my family were asking her to get a dog. We needed her approval for years," the singer said. "So one day, for Mother's Day, we brought her home a Golden Retriever! Which, of course, she fell in love with."

6. Chrissie Fit (Pitch Perfect 2

Like a lot of girls, going shopping with her mom was the best of times back in the day. "On Saturdays, going to the mall with her and being able to buy, like, one shirt or one purse," she said of her favorite memories with her mom. "That was like my treat. So, always Saturdays at Westland Mall in Hialeah, Florida."

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7. Tammy Townsend (K.C. Undercover)

What's better than your own mom's down-home cooking? Nothing. "My mom, at Thanksgiving, makes candy yams and they're the best," said Townsend.

8. Ross Butler (K.C. Undercover)

Christmas is a holiday that a lot of kids get excited about, but Butler's mom took things to a whole new level for him one year. "When I was a kid, during Christmas, it was when Pokémon was like a huge thing, and I was a big Pokémon guy, and my mom had this small Christmas tree. Christmas morning, like 5 a.m., of course I was up all night waiting, she takes me to the Christmas tree and instead of lights, in the tree there are all these crazy Pokémon cards," the Disney star said. "It just came out of nowhere! I was looking under the tree and I was like, 'There's no presents,' and then I looked at the tree and there were Pokémon cards and I was like, 'Oh! This is great.'"

9. Dylan Riley Snyder (Kickin' It)

Dylan Riley Snyder

Image: Dylan Riley Snyder/Instagram

From the sounds of things, the Kickin' It actor's mom was helping him hone his acting skills before he even knew what was going on! "Every Thursday, for a very long time, we used to have British days," Snyder said of his favorite tradition with his mother. "We would wake up in the morning on Thursdays and be like, 'Well, Thursday.' So we start talking in a British accent all day," he explained, in a perfect British accent, of course.

Quality time

When it came down to it, these actors' most celebrated times were just the precious moments spent with their moms.

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10. Olivia Holt (Kickin' It)

Image: Olivia Holt/Instagram

Holt talked about being able to discover things she had in common with her mother back when she was at a similar age. "Me and my mom actually have a really fun book, it's like a mother/daughter book, and on one page it says, for example, what I liked to draw when I was your age and then on the opposite page it's what I like to draw," Holt said. "So it's almost like a mother, daughter back in her time."

11. Sammi Sanchez (singer)

Though most people remember their mom yelling at them to turn down the radio, that wasn't the case for Sanchez. "I remember when I was really little, we used to always sit in the car and, like, blast music," she said.

12. Blake Michael (Dog with a Blog)

Some ofMichael's best times with his mom were on his way to fame. "She's driven me, taken me to every single audition I've ever been to since I was 4 years old," the Dog with a Blog actor said. "Just those rides in the car, her just getting me prepared and ready and just, kind of, pepping me up and giving me encouragement before my big auditions."

13. Hayden Byerly

Image: Hayden Byerly/Instagram

"For one Mother's Day, my mom took me, when I was really little, to my favorite park," the Fosters star said of his favorite time with his mom. "We sat out and had, like, a picnic throughout the day and just kinda hung out and enjoyed some special time together."

14. Brooke Sorenson (Modern Family)

brooke sorenson

Image: Brooke Sorenson/Instagram

Sorenson's mind was so flooded with awesome memories with her mom, she found it hard to pick just one. "We're just always cracking up and making light of situations," she said, super excited. "We just, like, dance behind people on the streets and record it. I love her, she's like my best friend, man."

15. Trinitee Stokes (K.C. Undercover)

"Spa days," the K.C. Undercover actress emphatically said of her favorite ritual with her mama. "We will always have a spa day at least once a month and it's so relaxing. It's, like, the best thing to do with my mom."

Hitting the town

For these celebs, nothing's better than heading out with their mom.

16. Ben Savage (Girl Meets World)

"We like to go to all the restaurants around LA, just the two of us, and it's really nice," Savage said of his favorite mom tradition. "I don't know, she's a good friend."

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17. Corey Fogelmanis

The Girl Meets World star and his mother like to make things musical. "I recently started going to New York at the end of February with my mom and we just go and we see a bunch of shows," he said.

18. Peyton Meyer

Image: Peyton Meyer/Instagram

Like his Girl Meets World costar, Savage, one of Meyer's favorite things to do is to treat his mom to a nice meal. "What we do is we always go down to the beach, but there's this little restaurant off the beach," he said. "It's called Crab Cooker. She loves it. She loves fish. So, it's like this little fish place and it's great."

19. Garrett Clayton (The Fosters)

Seems to be that Clayton and his mom live for a little adventure. "Movie roulette. You don't look at the movie times," the Fosters actor explained. "You just show up and then whatever's playing next, you see."

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