New Girl‘s Max Greenfield gives an update on Cece and Schmidt (EXCLUSIVE)

SheKnows chatted with New Girl‘s oh-so-funny Max Greenfield after the show’s season finale and got deets on what’s ahead for Cece and his character, Schmidt. Are you ready to find out?

Warning: If you’ve not seen the New Girl Season 4 finale yet, a major spoiler is ahead.

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Tuesday night’s New Girl finale was one for the books. It seems like only yesterday we were flipping out over Nick and Jess’ first kiss. That was nothing compared to the latest New Girl finale, which saw Schmidt and Cece not only together, but engaged. That’s right. After last week’s epic tease that had us all thinking Schmidt was about to marry that horrible woman, Fawn, the New Girl finale offered up a nearly backbreaking twist to bring us something infinitely better. Even the cast didn’t know this was coming until several episodes into filming for Season 4. And, while we’re still not sure where Jess’ confetti cannon came from after Cece said yes, that hardly seems relevant. SchmeCe is getting married and we can’t wait.

Schmidt and Cece haven’t exactly had an easy go of things, though. He’s been chasing her since she rolled onto the scene, but she wasn’t always keen to let him in. When they finally ended up together, it was perfect… right up until it wasn’t. However, after much back and forth and a lot of unrequited love from both parties, they are finally on the same page. But for how long? After our initial excitement wore off, we were overcome with worry. New Girl showrunners seem to love to beat up on Cece and Schmidt. So, would Season 5 really see them together? Or would it pick up after yet another breakup?

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“We seemingly pick up, you know, it’s not like the next day or anything,” Greenfield said. “But we jump right into some of the engagement and stuff.”

Greenfield also said not to be too concerned for any big shake-ups. Things might go awry, but it looks like Cece and Schmidt will finally get their happily ever after.

“There’s not going to be any — as far as I know — any devastating departure from where we are now,” Greenfield shared, going on to say he’s glad to see things work out. “I’m so happy that we are where we are and the show made the decision to put us together in this way.”

That doesn’t mean it will be entirely smooth sailing though, friends. After all, two people from two very different cultures are getting married. And, don’t forget the scene where Schmidt’s controlling mother ran into Cece at the nail salon and (despite not realizing she was talking to Schmidt’s ex) already decided Cece could never be with her son because Cece’s not Jewish. Will Schmidt rebel? Will Cece convert? And how will the engagement be affected by Jess and Nick’s recent proclamation that they still like each other?

So many questions and so much time to wait for answers! On the bright side, it’s possible Fox could bring us a new season of New Girl a little earlier since, as we know, they’re already in production for Season 5. Showrunners decided not to include Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy in the show, so they started filming early in an effort to avoid working with that precious baby bump. Cross your fingers and hold your toes, New Girl fans — things could get really interesting for our favorite show.

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