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Milla Jovovich insists co-sleeping with children is the best decision to make

Milla Jovovich just revealed that she and her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, have been sleeping with their 7-year-old daughter for years.

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Jovovich opened up about her co-sleeping decision in a blog post on Romy and the Bunnies, explaining, “I always thought that the Western way of raising kids was so disconnected. Everyone has their cubicle at home, babies go into nurseries, little kids have their own rooms. You are so separated from one another! We have been co-sleeping for years with our daughter and I feel that it’s helped us so much to stay connected as a family.

“Especially as my husband and I can have such tough work schedules making films, where we’re on set for at least 12 and sometimes 14 hours a day!” Jovovich continued. “Because we share sleep at night, our daughter naturally feels very connected to us and that in turn makes her want to please us! She trusts us and listens to what we say. There is an innate sense of respect between us all that I feel can be lacking with some of the other parents and children I see in our society.”

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Jovovich just gave birth to her second child, Dashiel Edan, a little over a month ago and the new addition to the family seems to be settling in nicely. Jovovich is clearly loving every minute of motherhood.

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“The whole experience fills me with more joy than I ever thought was possible,” the Resident Evil actress shared. “Getting all the kisses and cuddles. Hearing our daughter’s laughter and watching what a joyful little soul she is. Seeing her growing into such a sweet, intelligent, understanding and talented young girl makes me so proud and also confident. It’s amazing knowing that no matter what, whatever my husband and I have done as parents is working so far.”

Do you agree with Jovovich that co-sleeping can lead to a closer family?

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