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Noel Gallagher talks Tidal and doesn’t pull any punches

Whatever you think of him, Noel Gallagher always gives good interview. He spoke to Rolling Stone recently and, as always, he didn’t censor himself.

We’ve listened to Gallagher’s rants for the last 20 years or so, so nothing he says should really surprise us any more, but it’s still pretty amusing to hear him sound off, if only because so many of today’s celebrities are just so damn nice all the time.

The 47-year-old High Flying Birds frontman tore into Jay Z’s new music streaming service, saying: “[Tidal] were like, ‘We’re going to f*ckin* save the music business.’ And I’m just sitting there thinking, ‘You might want to write a decent chorus for a f*ckin* start.'”

Gallagher questioned the motives of the artists who’ve joined forces with Jay Z and wife Beyoncé to promote Tidal (they’re also joint owners of the company and include Madonna, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Kanye West and Coldplay’s Chris Martin).

“I thought that the people on the stage might want to be a little bit aware that they don’t look like Jay Z’s minions. Madonna was pretty cool the way she cocked her leg up on that desk and signed the [declaration]. I think ultimately I was speaking to Chris [Martin] the day after, and I said, ‘Are you after a Nobel Peace Prize? Is that what you’re after?'” Gallagher said.

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Gallagher’s not the only one to criticise Tidal — although few others have spoken about it using the f-bomb quite so many times. When the artists involved turned their Twitter profiles blue in support of the subscription service, using the hashtag #TIDALforALL, it caused some confusion. Some fans accused them of making Tidal out to be some sort of campaign for social justice, rather than a streaming service to make wealthy artists even wealthier.

The former Oasis guitarist also took the opportunity to slate One Direction (“If [my daughter] is into One Direction when she’s 22, she’s getting shunned”) and ridicule Zayn Malik for leaving the band: “You can be f*cking anything that moves and gettin’ paid half a million dollars a week, you f*ckin’ idiot. You want to be a normal 22-year-old?”

Ah, Noel. Please never change.

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