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Leah Messer news claiming she’s in rehab must be a lie

Leah Messer has checked into rehab, a source says — and despite her mom’s denial, there is one very bad habit she is trying to break. But we’ve unearthed something that makes us doubt this rumor.

The mother of twins, Ali and Aleeah, and toddler, Adalynn, reportedly left her home in West Virginia to attend an unnamed rehab program on May 3.

She’ll be gone for a month,” a source told In Touch. “She wants her girls to visit.”

But while the insider says her treatment is definitely for a pill addiction, Messer still won’t admit what her real problem is.

“She’s still telling people she’s going away for therapy,” the source said. “They’re hoping her denial doesn’t stop her from making a fresh start.”

That denial extends to her family. Just weeks ago, Messer’s mother denied reports that her daughter was heading to drug rehab with a scathing Facebook message.

So is the rehab rumor true? No one from Messer’s camp is talking, but she retweeted this message yesterday and rehab facilities generally do not allow internet access.

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The only way this could have been posted while Messer is in rehab is if she allowed Twitter access to someone else. While this is not totally out of the realm of possibility — her mom has occasionally posted to her Twitter page — it’s really weird that someone would do a general retweet on her behalf.

Update May 7, 2015: A new source told gossip site The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Messer was in rehab, but she checked out almost immediately to get the ball rolling on her divorce from Jeremy Calvert. The source claims Calvert agreed to give Messer far more child support than necessary just to get the whole mess over with — but custody of their daughter, Adalynn, is still at stake.

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