Carrie Underwood’s bikini selfie reveals how we shouldn’t react to post-baby bodies

I’m not saying Carrie Underwood doesn’t look great.

She is a beautiful, talented woman, and she shows it off in her latest Instagram post. But can we just chill out with all the “Oh, my god, Carrie Underwood is in a bikini just after having a baby” talk.

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Vacation selfie. #IKnowImLame

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Newsflash: Women can wear bathing suits after having a baby, even if their bodies aren’t totally back to “normal.” (Whatever normal is after giving birth.)

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It would be great if a woman could wear something even semi revealing or fitted after giving birth without the entire world having to comment on her body. Not to mention we can see almost none of her actual body, save her shoulders, in this photo anyway, which makes this whole “she looks or doesn’t look great after having a baby” talk all the more ridiculous.

And just because we are saying she looks good doesn’t mean we aren’t perpetuating the problem either: that women are judged by their looks. And judged even more critically after they have a baby.

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The quest for the pre-baby body and to magically and immediately look the same as before baby is not only insane, but it’s a heavy burden to push on new moms. That kind of pressure on top of navigating the waters of new parenthood is enough to drive anyone nuts!

So continually commenting on how great (or bad or any other adjective) a woman looks certain times after she has a baby is something we need to work on removing from our societal dialogue. Because, in this instance, we are focusing on someone we think “looks good,” but let’s not forget the recent public display of hatred toward Kelly Clarkson and her changed post-baby look.

Let’s change the dialogue altogether.

Instead of what she’s wearing, we can say: “She looks happy, she looks relaxed, we are jealous of her for being on vacation, her hashtag is cute, when the heck is she going to post another photo of that adorable baby, when is she going to release another album” — just about anything but the fact that she had a baby and is now wearing a bikini.

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Underwood’s bikini selfie isn’t that big of a deal. She was beautiful before, and she is still beautiful after having a baby, too.