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Responses to Sofía Vergara’s Tonight Show game are beyond sexist (VIDEO)

I’m just going to say it: Sofía Vergara for president.

What? She can’t be president? It’s probably for the best because then we wouldn’t be able to watch her be the funniest thing ever on Jimmy Fallon anymore.

Most of the commentary I’ve seen about her in this game from The Tonight Show has been about how sexy she makes everything. Several stories even titled how she does a “sexy version” of Catchphrase. But, seriously, it’s how hilarious she is that totally makes this bit!

Yeah, she’s drop-dead gorg, but her deadpan way of reacting and how she never even cracks a smile while the others just laugh — it’s fantastic!

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Only noticing her for her looks totally overlooks her enormous talent. This, of course, is not to say she doesn’t like or try to be sexy or beautiful, but that’s not the point.

No one noticed how handsome James Marsden looked? And he is damn sexy, too.

She throws them for so many loops, they can’t even hold back their laughter. Straight-faced, she says, “Can I say words in Spanish?” and they lose it. But apparently she does it in a “sexy” way… yeah, that makes sense.

Fallon, Marsden and Steve Higgins, of course, are very funny, but Vergara carries this skit, elevating it to a knee-slapping, laugh-out-loud level.

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The fact that she keeps saying “focus” with her Spanish accent is unintentionally hilarious and makes me want to pee my pants (she sounds just like my Yaya)! There are so many other aspects to focus on, even just in this short video, that make her great and beauty is only one small part of that. So can we please move on?

Watch these four play Catchphrase and Vergara hilariously try to explain what a birthday suit is to a clueless and slightly uncomfortable Fallon. Although, I have to admit, Higgins trying to sing “Gangnam Style” is pretty hilarious, too.

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