Amber Portwood reveals 9 things we never knew about her daughter Leah

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood loves and appreciates her fans, so it’s not all that surprising that she was willing to hold a Twitter Q and A with them on Tuesday — and we managed to find out quite a bit about her life.

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One of the main subjects that fans were interested in was Portwood and her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley’s 6-year-old daughter, Leah. Below are nine facts that we learned about the adorable little girl.

1. Leah is in kindergarten now

And just in case you were wondering what her favorite part of school is, as one fan was curious to know, it happens to be recess.

2. Leah is thrilled that her mama is engaged to Matt Baier

And that’s also partly because she wants to play a special part in the ceremony.

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3 and 4. Portwood is struggling with the fact that she does not have custody of Leah, but she hopes things will change in the future

5. Leah understands so much about her mom’s troubled past

Portwood says her daughter already understands a lot about what happened in her past, and when she’s older, she plans on answering any questions Leah may have about her addiction and the time that she spent in jail.

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6. Leah doesn’t mind being on camera; in fact, she likes it

7. Portwood is determined to stay happy and healthy for Leah — whose nickname happens to be booboo

8. Leah is doing really well at the moment

9. And the thing that makes Portwood laugh the most? Her little girl

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