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The Duggars just upped their home protection game in a big way

If you’ve watched any of the Duggar clan’s show, then you know they take home security very seriously.

And always being in the public eye as well as extremely outspoken about those who don’t share their beliefs regarding things such as gays and their right to marry (or have kids or just be in general), a woman’s right to choose or even just other forms of Christianity, they sure seem like experts at making enemies. So it’s no wonder they make sure you know they are packing some heat in their home.

But they aren’t stopping there. According to Radar Online, the Duggars allegedly have a newly acquired piece of home security equipment, and it sits right in their front yard, welcoming anyone who dares to step foot on their 20-acre property.

It is a decoy cop car.

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According to the website, it “immediately [greets] visitors at the front gate of their Tontitown, Arkansas, estate.”

An eyewitness told Radar, “It certainly gets your attention, if that was the intention. Anyone who watches the show knows the Duggar family has guns in the house, so the cop car is more like a not-so-subtle warning.”

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In addition to housing numerous firearms (in a house literally full of children), the family also has a fence surrounding their property, installed a few years ago when their celebrity status was bringing more visitors than they wanted to their door, and it is widely known that patriarch Jim Bob often rubs elbows with the local law enforcement and has many close connections with them.

As for where on earth they acquired a decoy cop car, Radar Online says it was most likely purchased at auction.

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