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DWTS: Is Kym and Robert’s romance just a strategic ploy to win?

Robert Herjavec and pro partner, Kym Johnson, finally kissed on Dancing With the Stars, giving into the passion they’ve been leading America to believe exists between them.

But we’re starting to believe their passion isn’t so much for each other as it is for winning.

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Sure, they kissed after watching a video of people on the street encouraging — we might even say begging — them to do so, so it’s not like they were legitimately giving into their feelings for each other when they kissed. But that pretty much supports our newfound belief that all of that “passion” is just for show and not actually real.

If you think about it, America made it pretty clear that a kiss was wanted, and so Kym and Rob gave America what it wanted. And we’re starting to think they’ve just been fueling the romance rumors for the same reason: to give America what it wants and, therefore, get themselves closer to that mirror ball trophy.

We know, we know: It does seem a little ridiculous that we are now actively floating a Dancing With the Stars conspiracy theory. But we can’t help it if we’re hip to Robert and Kym’s game. Bear with us while we present further evidence that should make you skeptical, too.

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Firstly, rumors have swirled since the beginning of the season that Rob was super into Kym, rumors that were fueled when “sources” confirmed the two were all over each other. Hmm, could it be that those “sources” were actually just fanning the flames and bringing further attention to the apparent couple as part of their strategy?

Secondly, what’s with all this playing coy? We get that two people in the beginning stages of a relationship probably don’t want to broadcast it to the world before they are confident the relationship is actually going somewhere. But these two seem to be dropping hints left and right, and then when they’re actually asked about the rumors, they play coy.

For example, Robert doesn’t seem to have a problem calling Kym “sexy” or “baby” in front of the cameras, but when he was asked about their relationship status, he made reference to a newfound ability to “dance” around the rumors: “I’ve learned to dance on this show! Tap dance!” he said.

Doesn’t it seem a little odd that they seem very blatant in their affection for each other, but then pull back when it comes to confirming that something real exists between them? If they were really protecting what they have, wouldn’t they be attempting to keep the whole thing on the d-low?

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The reality of this reality TV show is that a possible romance between a celebrity and their pro partner doesn’t just merely garner interest from viewers, it creates a hype around the potential couple — an investment, if you will — that just so happens to keep them around longer because viewer voters want to see more of their “chemistry.” It’s a pretty solid strategy if you can get people to buy it. But we’re obviously way too clever to make such a purchase.

So, while the rest of America begs for Robert and Kym to kiss, we’re going to beg for something else: If the romance isn’t for real, then please stop toying with us. Between all the couples on TV we’re currently shipping, we only have so much of an emotional investment to give, so don’t max out our quota with a fauxmance; it’s just not kosher.

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