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Pretty Little Liars: 11 Clues from the Season 6 promo

The new trailer for the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars has arrived, and it’s chock full of interesting, albeit scary, tidbits.

Charles is done messing around and the dollhouse has officially turned into a house of horrors when the show returns for Season 6.

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1. Mona has gone off the deep end

She’s back to crazy, but this time, it’s not evil crazy — it’s broken crazy. Which is worse. Radley might not be able to fix this one.

2. Aria’s locked in the dollhouse still but had time to chop her hair off and add pink extensions

Not sure how this change is going to be explained, but Aria’s (Lucy Hale) rocking that new look. Maybe Charles is trying to force the liars back to their original styles pre-Ali.

3. “M” was also in the dollhouse

Aria discovers someone’s etching in the backdrop of the wall. It reads, “He’s going to kill me — M.” Now, obviously, my mind immediately goes to poor Mona. But what if she wasn’t the first one trapped in the dollhouse with Charles?

4. Ali joins the dollhouse

Ali is out of prison — probably cleared after they realize Mona isn’t dead — and she tracks the liars down to Charles’ lair. But did she know it was there all along? Or did she piece the clues together?

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5. The yellow shirt is significant

Mona is singing lullabies to herself in a walled room somewhere, and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is receiving food from an old-school slit under the door. “Mona, is that you?” Spencer asks. But what if it’s actually Ali? If you’ll notice, when Ali walks into the dollhouse, she’s wearing a yellow shirt. And when Aria finds a closet, it’s full of the same yellow shirts.

The person who gives Spencer the tray of food has on an identical yellow shirt. Could it be that Spencer just saw the ends of Ali’s hair and thought Mona was still wearing the wig when really it was Ali feeding her? And what is Ali doing helping Charles?

6. No more games

Or so the promo says. But since the season premiere is called “Game On, Charles,” we’re guessing this is the start of the liars’ plan to take him down.

7. It’s going to be a summer of answers

There’s an official hashtag for it and everything. But we’ve heard this one before. We all know by now that answers only lead to more questions. The show never gives us anything definitive. So… don’t hold your breath for those answers.

8. “Mama’s going to buy you a looking glass”

Could this be a further tease at the twin theory? Mona sings the last line of the lullaby as shards of glass appear with Charles’ hooded figure reflected in each of the shards. This seems like it’s either pointing to the twin theory or suggesting Charles has multiple identities. Maybe it’s not multiple people but rather someone with multiple personality disorder?

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9. Toby is in full cop mode

And it looks like he has his gun pointed squarely at someone in a black hood. Could Toby take down A in Season 6? It seems unlikely. So, who’s he pointing that weapon at?

10. The liars are being held separately

With the food Spencer receives and the voice that sounds like Mona pleading, “Please don’t leave me,” it seems like the liars are all on their own. If they don’t have one another to depend on, their odds of escaping Charles’ lair seem a lot less likely. If the girls had to leave Mona behind in order to escape, would they?

11. The show is getting dark

This promo is more like the teaser for a horror movie than a show on ABC Family. It looks like Season 6 will take a turn for the dark.

Check out the full promo for yourself over on TVLine’s website.

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 airs Tuesday, June 3, on ABC Family.

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