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Kelly Rutherford has a bone to pick with Obama regarding her custody battle

Gossip Girl‘s Kelly Rutherford is so desperate to have access to her children again that she’s started a White House petition.

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On Tuesday, the blond beauty started an online White House petition asking the Obama administration to safely bring her two young children, son Hermés and daughter Helena, back to the United States. And the petition is already gaining traction because as of Friday afternoon, it had more than 8,593 signatures. However, it still needs 91,407 before it can reach Rutherford’s goal of 100,000 by May 28.

“At ages 2 and 5, Kelly Rutherford’s children were forced by a California judge to live in France with their German father (nobody is French) after he claimed his U.S. visa was revoked, and he could not enter the U.S.,” part of the petition reads. “The children’s appointed counsel said they should remain in the U.S., but the judge sent the children to France, solely because the father claimed he could not return to the U.S.”

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Rutherford’s custody battle with her ex-husband, German businessman Daniel Giersch, is very complicated and has been ongoing for the last six years. It also deals with custody laws not only in the United States but also in Europe, because her children currently live with Giersch in France.

This is a political problem for President Obama and a constitutional problem for the courts,” Rutherford’s attorney, Wendy Murphy, revealed to People magazine. “The president recently issued an executive order declaring that children born in this country to illegal immigrant parents must be allowed to remain in this country. Mr. Obama specifically talked about the importance of mothers and children being allowed to stay together in America. How could Kelly and her children not be entitled to at least the same legal protections?”

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