The Duggars allegedly caught being fake for the cameras at a charitable event

May 1, 2015 at 12:31 p.m. ET
Image: 19 Kids And Counting Official Facebook Page

Did the Duggars just do something totally mean?

Or are people just trying to start trouble?

According to sources from Radar Online, the Duggars just did something most would think is out of sync with the image they try to show to the public. But if we are being honest, not totally out of the ordinary for a reality TV show like 19 Kids and Counting (and countless others).

This unnamed source is reporting that the Duggar clan was supposed to make an appearance at a thrift store to give food to needy families.

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What happened, if true, was nothing short of banal to quite possibly infuriating. The family allegedly showed up 30 minutes late and when they did, their entire production crew was with them. Jim Bob went into director mode, telling "every car... where it should park."

When the producers realized there was no one there for the charitable event save those who wanted to see the Christian crew, they sprang into action, pouncing on the only family actually shopping in the store. "The crew began chatting up the Martinez clan, a family of four shopping for clothes, and gave them clipboards with release agreements attached." Then the producers coached them on what they were to say and how they were to act, saying, according to the insider, "Let's go over this… You're really happy that the Duggars have brought you this food, you really need this for your family."

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Bad, but not the worst. The worst happened after the cameras were turned off. According to this informant, one of the Duggar sons took a box of food to the Martinez car while camera were rolling but once they were done filming, took the food back out and put it back into the Duggars' own vehicle.

Now, everyone knows you can't believe everything you see on reality TV, and it is no secret producers manufacture encounters to further the show or a particular story, but if the Martinez family really didn't need the food, it would explain why they didn't actually take it. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that this did actually happen the way the source says, but it might not be as bad as them actually taking from a "needy" family. I guess we will have to see what airs on the show to find out if their story lines up, but we may also never know.

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