This dancer flips out over Taylor Swift… but it’s not what you think (VIDEO)

There are plenty of reasons to freak out over Taylor Swift.

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Her music is really good. She has impeccable style. She loves cats. She’s nicer to her fans than probably any pop star ever.

But this dancer and his mom are freaking out for a whole new reason.

Dancer Robert Green just got a gig with Swift as a backup dancer for her 1989 world tour, and just to give us all the feels, he filmed the moment he told his mom about it.

Just try not to get all emotional when Green and his mom share in the joy of the moment his hard work pays off and his dream comes true. Go ahead. We’ll keep the tissues handy.

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We can’t understand much of what Green or his mom are saying due to all the screaming and crying. One of the best parts is how excited she gets when he tells her he booked a world tour. You think a person can’t possibly be more excited than she is in that moment… and then Green tells her he booked the tour with Taylor Swift and somehow she takes it up a notch (or 10).

And because Tay is so wonderful and loves her fans so much, she tweeted out a link to the video Wednesday so everyone can share in the Green family’s happiness.

“I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much,” she wrote.

And it turns out it was a good call on T-Swift’s part to hire Green. E! News dug up a video of his dance moves, and let us be the first to say there will be no Left Shark on Swift’s stage during this tour. The boy’s got moves on moves on moves.

So if you’re still trying to figure out what to give your mom for Mother’s Day, you can probably just give up now. Taylor Swift just gave the best gift ever to a mom who isn’t even hers.

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What did you think when you watched Robert Green’s adorable video? Head down to the comments and tell us your reaction.


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