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Jill Dillard reveals biggest struggle since giving birth (PHOTOS)

Jill Dillard (formerly Duggar) hasn’t given in to any pain medication yet in the weeks following her C-section and 70-hour labor on April 6.

The 19 Kids and Counting star told People that she is still in the process of recovery since giving birth and is focusing on “getting better” in her day to day.

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“One day I felt really good and I did too much that day and the next day, I paid for it,” she explained. “The pain around my incision depends on what I’ve done that day and if I’ve rested enough or not.”

While she did take medication necessary following the first week after the labor, she hasn’t given in to any since.

Staying off pain medication is important for the new mom because she wants to be sure she knows “how my body feels so I’m not overdoing it.”

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Now that her husband Derick Dillard is back at work, Jill said she really depends on other family members like her sister or Derick’s mother, who’s “here with me most of the time.”

“It is really a blessing to have family close by to reach out to,” Jill added.

Not only did the new mama have a 70-hour labor and a C-section, her baby Israel was born two weeks after his scheduled due date. She wanted to have an at-home birth but, unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible this time around.

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Luckily, Jill’s mom Michelle Duggar knows the ins and outs of C-sections. She had four of them out of her 19 children.

“She has such great practical advice,” Jill said of her mom. “All the repercussions of a C-section are new to me, and she is such a huge blessing.”

Are you surprised Jill Duggar hasn’t given in to any post-C-section medication?

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