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American Horror Story: Hotel: Everything we know so far

Slowly but surely, news on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel is trickling out. What better way to keep apprised of it all than by tracking all the info in just one place?

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Here’s what we know so far.

1) Lady Gaga is coming

News of Lady Gaga checking in to Hotel practically broke the internet. Or, well, at least blew our fangirl minds. Mother Monster is the perfect star to run things on any season of AHS. And with rumors that she’ll be a lounge singer, we’re even more stoked. This fits perfectly with her latest musical endeavors.

2) Angela Bassett will return

According to IBT, Bassett will play Lolita, who will be pitted against Gaga’s character. We’ve heard they’ll be getting into tons of trouble together. Sweet!

3) Sarah Paulson’s character might be legendary

It also sounds like Paulson’s character’s name will be Janis Joplin. No word yet on if she’ll be that Janis Joplin or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all. Maybe Murphy will have Paulson-as-Joplin haunting this sure-to-be-creepy hotel.

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4) The rest of the lineup is equally impressive

Also joining the cast: Matt Bomer, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Cheyenne Jackson, Chloë Sevigny and Wes Bentley. Bomer has guested on the show before and Kathy Bates is basically a regular. Murphy has worked with Jackson on Glee, but this will be his first stint on AHS.

5) But one familiar face will be missing

Jessica Lang won’t return to AHS. Sorry, y’all!

That’s all we know for sure right now. But check back here for all the latest news just as soon as it’s released.

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6. Lily Rabe is back

AHS alum Lily Rabe is reportedly returning for the newest season, and she’s playing one hell of a character. Rumor has it she’s playing a serial killer who stays at the hotel. Will she be this season’s villain, or just another interesting character in the mix?

7. Finn Wittrock also returns… and with an interesting story

According to the showrunner’s tweet, the former genius behind Dandy Mott will be part of a love triangle. Check it out:
AHS: Hotel premieres in October. Start barricading yourself in a safe place now.

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