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Teen Mom‘s Leah Messer’s cheating scandal just got way more complicated

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s marriage has been strewn across the media in recent months, and things between the estranged couple are definitely messy. However, there’s been an interesting new twist in the tale.

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If you’ve been following the latest reports about the Teen Mom 2 star, you will know that Calvert accused his wife of cheating on him, but did he cheat on her first? According to Radar Online, before the press caught wind of the couple’s marriage troubles in October 2014, Calvert had been talking to another woman, a tattoo model by the name of Melissa Marie.

According to the publication, Marie was thrilled when she discovered that Calvert had started following her on Twitter in April 2014, and she tweeted about it, referring to him as her #mancrushtuesday. The two then reportedly started private messaging each other and according to one of Marie’s friends, things got pretty steamy, and they even exchanged “naughty” photos.

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“She didn’t believe it was him, but then he sent her a photo of himself holding up a sign of her name,” the friend told the publication, adding that Calvert had promised he was separated from Leah at the time.

After a few weeks, Calvert reportedly asked Marie to visit him, and then he disappeared without a trace. Marie’s friend then claims that seven months later, Calvert returned and claimed that his relationship with the Teen Mom star was finally over. The pair began chatting again and Marie reportedly even spent a weekend with him in Columbus, Ohio.

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And no, they didn’t just play board games and watch TV, because according to Radar Online’s source, “They definitely had sex. Jeremy told Melissa he was falling for her.” Apparently, Calvert even introduced her to a coworker at the time. But after a while Calvert disappeared again, and Marie reportedly assumed he had just gotten back together with his wife after she saw pictures of him with Leah on Twitter.

But then Marie allegedly found out that Calvert had another mistress, single mom Brittany Musick.

“Melissa realized he was texting Brittany while they were together in Ohio,” the friend told Radar Online. “She could see that she was just a hookup to him.”

The friend added, “She thinks he’s a douchebag. Fame has gone to his head!”

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