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Fox News oversteps boundaries with violent comments about Kristen Stewart

The best way to respond to a viewpoint that you don’t agree with is always to threaten to smack some sense into the person who presented it, right? The answer is yes, apparently, if you ask Fox News.

During the Wednesday morning edition of the network’s show Outnumbered, the panel was discussing Kristen Stewart’s recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, in which Stewart asserted that Hollywood is “disgustingly sexist.” Commentators on Outnumbered vehemently disagreed with Stewart’s opinion and one panelist, Stacey Dash, a former Hollywood actress herself, even went so far as to say, “I just want to slap her.”

We don’t have a video of the segment in question, but in this clip of Outnumbered Overtime, you can hear the whole group giggle as the host reads a tweet from a fan of the show, saying, “Stacey should smack Kristen for her.”

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Image: Outnumbered/Fox News

Not even going to go there with the chinchilla coat.

What’s so shocking about the panel is not the fact that they disagree with Stewart’s sexism stance — everyone is entitled to an opinion, after all — but how the panelists decided to launch an extremely personal and violent attack on Stewart. “If you don’t want to be famous, don’t be an actress. Go start digging ditches,” they say, in addition to saying she slept around and broke up a marriage, in reference to Stewart’s past relationship with Robert Pattinson, which she exited when she was all of 23 years old. What, exactly, does Stewart’s alleged prior sexual activity have to do with sexism?

Dash and company may strongly feel that Hollywood sexism doesn’t exist, or maybe they just feel comfortable with the existing sexism, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world feels the same way. Does Dash want to slap Patricia Arquette? Meryl Streep? Jennifer Lopez? Cate Blanchett? Emma Stone? These women have all been vocal about their opinion of sexism in the industry as well.

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The panel of Outnumbered, which rotates, was also caught defending male catcalling last summer, and some of the female commentators even claimed it gave them a self-esteem boost.
I, personally, feel extremely uncomfortable and, in some instances, unsafe when a man I don’t know yells something at me on the street. However, even though I don’t agree with the female commentators’ take on catcalling, it doesn’t give me the urge to slap them or publicly disparage them for making poor decisions in their personal lives.

The ability to have intelligent, cordial discourse, despite differing viewpoints, is a big part of professionalism. But, as Jon Stewart so aptly pointed out, that’s not Fox News’ forte.

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