The reason Mae Whitman won’t be in Independence Day 2 will disgust you

Mae Whitman is a talented actress with multiple films and TV credits under her belt, but Hollywood did something to her recently that will definitely make your blood boil.

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The actress starred in the original Independence Day as the daughter of the president, and now that she’s all grown up and the sequel Independence Day 2 is coming around, she was reportedly not considered for the role — and it’s not for lack of talent. Instead, the actress who will play Whitman’s former character, Patricia Whitmore, is Maika Monroe.

So, here’s the problem: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the role was highly sought-after, and Monroe beat many other actresses for the part, including Lucy Boynton, Merritt Patterson, Gabriella Wilde and Britt Robertson. There have now been suggestions that Whitman lost out on the role because she does not fit into Hollywood’s mold of what is beautiful, and that’s so uncool. In fact, if that’s the real reason why she’s not reprising her role, then it’s downright disgraceful — a sentiment countless celebs and fans alike have shared on Twitter.

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“What the actual f***? @maebirdwing is talented as hell, and JUST proved she can carry a film. Smh,” Anna Kendrick tweeted.

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And there is certainly evidence to suggest that that was the reason, because Hitfix wrote an article about Whitman, asking the question “Why the hell didn’t Fox hire Mae Whitman for Independence Day 2?” and the actress retweeted it, so it seems she’s thinking the same thing.

She also retweeted Kendrick’s tweet. So, Hollywood, you may have some explaining to do.