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Amy Schumer sends brilliant message about going makeup-less in hilarious video

Amy Schumer is quickly becoming the hit maker of the summer.

On the heels of her blockbuster hit “Milk Milk Lemonade,” Amy Schumer has just dropped “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup,” a parody of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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On Tuesday’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, Amy brilliantly laid out her commentary of what popular songs about women and beauty say, but what they might actually mean in real life.

An overmanufactured and fictional boy band began serenading the primped Schumer saying, “You should know, that you don’t need no lipstick, you don’t need no blush, ’cause you got that inner natural glow… Now wash that loving face off in the sink… You’re perfect when you wake up.”

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Then you see Schumer wiping off and washing her face.

Once makeup-less, the tune changes and the mixed messages start. The fresh-faced Schumer gets this reaction from the boys: “Hold up, girl, we spoke too soon. With this whole no makeup tune… you’ll be the hottest girl in the nation with just a touch of foundation. Girl, I can’t be seen with the ghost from The Ring. I didn’t know your lashes were so stubby and pale, just a little mascara and you’ll look female.”

One of the most raw lines is, “You look great, except your face, girl. So don’t take off your makeup.” Ouch.

Such great social commentary. You’d think it would make people think, right? Wrong.

The only thing people seem to notice is the boy band.

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While there are a few, scant positive comments, the vast majority are about how hot the “lead singer” of the boy band is, or wondering if they really will be the next One Direction.

The nerve of that Schumer chick, she “probably used One Direction’s name for fame. To make directioners watch this…,” one commenter said. To which one YouTuber replied, “Yes. I’m here only cuz it said 1D.”


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