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Jessie J upsets fans by unfollowing ALL of them on Twitter

Jessie J is so awesome, apparently, she doesn’t need to know what anyone else is up to on Twitter. But her fans aren’t too happy about this.

We first got the impression Jessie J was a little peeved with some of her Twitter followers last month when she called them out for making digs at her boyfriend, Luke James. Which is fair enough, most people would say. However the singer has now gone a step further and unfollowed every single one of her fans in a seemingly unprovoked move.

When Jessie’s fans realised she was no longer following them they didn’t waste any time in sharing their hurt feelings on the social networking site. “The fans she’s unfollowing are fans who’ve got her to where she is now. So ungrateful,” said one.

“My love and respect for anyone isn’t based in a follow (sic),” Jessie responded.

“I didn’t unfollow just all my fans. Please stop trying [to] create bad energy, I unfollowed half my followers,” she continued. “And when my thumb can be bothered I will unfollow the other half. Seriously guys.”

She stayed true to her word and she now follows no one.

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This did nothing to placate her angry fans who continued to rant about what they clearly saw as a diss from their idol. “Katie Hopkins treats her fans better than Jessie J does,” said one.

“I don’t even want a follow back,” declared another. “I don’t even wanna go to her concerts anymore.”

Yesterday Jessie apologised on Twitter for her cull: “I’m sorry if I offended anyone. It’s NEVER my intention.”

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