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Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson arrested in bizarre stabbing incident

It’s a story that sounds like the plotline of a bad TV series episode.

But in reality it actually happened to former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson.

Jackson was arrested on Saturday for allegedly stabbing a man in Westlake, California, and then, allegedly fleeing the scene.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the police were called and arrived to find an unidentified man with a stab wound in his left upper torso. The police reported the man, who was taken to Los Angeles County —USC Medical Center, said he was stabbed by “Hobie.” Hobie is the name of the character Jackson played on Baywatch.

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But it is so much more strange than just this.

TMZ is reporting that Jackson rented an Airbnb and threw a party. It was during this party he is claiming he was beaten up and robbed.

Stranger still, he was told by a female partygoer that she knew how he could get his stolen money back. So, like any totally sane human, he went to retrieve what was taken from him. The thief, who Jackson says is a “gangbanger with a clown tattoo on his face” pulled a gun on him, so he stabbed him with a buck knife he was carrying.

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Oh, we’re not done yet. It gets better.

Also, according to TMZ, it was when Jackson went back to the Airbnb he rented to get some things he left, breaking in to get them, that the police were called. Someone reported a “prowler” and Jackson was arrested for the totally crazy stabbing incident.

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