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New Girl: How Schmidt’s big proposal will change everything, including Cece

Tomorrow’s all-new episode of Fox’s New Girl is about to break some serious hearts and really change the dynamic of the show, possibly forever. Why?

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Because friggin’ Fawn Moscato is about to friggin’ propose to friggin’ Schmidt!

It’s only been a couple months since Cece (Hannah Simone) finally admitted to her closest friends that, yes, she still loves Schmidt. The one person she hasn’t told, however, is Schmidt (Max Greenfield). Since he’s currently in a steady, albeit weird, relationship with a very public, very pushy figure, Cece just hasn’t had the heart to say anything to him. And can you really blame her? We all want Schmidt to be happy. We’re just not sure Fawn is the key to said happiness. I mean… just check out how the whole proposal goes down.
So romantic, right?

On the bright side, a proposal doesn’t mean a marriage. So, there’s still time for things to go awry and for Schmidt and Cece to end up together in the end, or in Season 5, whichever comes last. Still. If a marriage to Fawn really happens, it will completely change the dynamic of the show.

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Who’s the new girl?

When New Girl premiered, it seemed obvious that Jess was the new girl. Over time, though, we’ve seen other new girls. When Cece came along, she was Schmidt’s new girl. When Jess got her act together, she became a new girl. If Schmidt and Fawn marry, will Fawn move in and become the new girl… or will Schmidt simply disappear?

What will happen to all the pining?

To say that New Girl is only about Nick and Jess would be extremely close-minded. It’s also about the will they, won’t they aspect of Cece and Schmidt, Winston’s strangeness and Coach’s… coach-i-ness. And, more importantly, how all those things work together. Without Schmidt pining for Cece, without their constant back-and-forth, something will seriously be lacking from the show.

Schmidt will be a whole new dude

We won’t say Schmidt is nothing without Cece. That’s intense. But a huge part of who he is as a human is his swooning and pining for our girl Cece. From his ridiculous descriptions of his favorite parts of her to his high-energy ways of telling her he loves her, Schmidt’s personality is often best displayed when he’s trying to impress, woo or forget Cece. More importantly, we just already don’t like who he is with Fawn. Schmidt seems so ignorable and small compared to Fawn. She often treats him more like a nuisance or, at best, an errand boy. We just aren’t impressed with their relationship dynamic.

There’s no other way to say it: Schmidt + Fawn = No Bueno!

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