Patrick Dempsey tries to convince everyone there was no feud on Grey's Anatomy

Apr 27, 2015 at 1:55 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Patrick Dempsey's final bow on Grey's Anatomy traumatized millions of fans, but the actor isn't doing much to dispel rumors of why he left the show.

McDreamy met his untimely demise last week, punctuating a season marked by gossip that he and Shonda Rhimes were so far on the outs that she suspended him for six episodes. Now the actor says he is on good terms with the show's creator, but he is still being pretty cagey about why.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he and Rhimes are on good terms, he said "yes" but danced around the subject when asked why he left just halfway through a new two-year deal.

"It just sort of evolved. It's just kind of happened," he said. "It really was something that was kind of surprising that unfolded and uh, and it just naturally came to be, which was pretty good. I like the way it has all played out."

As far as rumors of his diva behavior causing both his divorce and his dismissal from Grey's, Dempsey refused comment.

"I don't read that stuff. It's not productive to read," he said. "Some voices are positive, some are negative… You're a professional. You leave your personal life at the door. I'm not going to talk about my home life as part of show."

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One revelation did leave us totally shocked, though: The storyline just came about within the last few weeks.

"Things happened very quickly, where we were like, 'Oh this is where it's going to go,'" Dempsey said. "It just sort of unfolded in a very organic way. I don't remember the date. It was not in the fall. February or March. It happened very quickly."

Now that McDreamy has bit the dust, Dempsey is focusing on his auto racing career and developing a TV series about racing with The Sundance Channel.

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